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Cleaning Supplies

enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of living in a clean home...


Shopping may be lots of fun, but... shopping for cleaning supplies? I don’t think so. Sometimes you end up standing in the cleaning products aisle just staring at the products not knowing which eco friendly product is actually better. Is Clorox’s new green line, really green? Does that brand clean better, it’s hard. The Housekeeper can take care of purchasing your cleaning supplies as needed and bill you monthly.

Every so often, we may offer our clients cleaning supplies discount coupons from our suppliers.

Currently there are no cleaning supplies discount offers available.


For an appointment or more information, don’t hesitate to call Coralia at 801.898.7215. You can email us at cleaningsupplies@theHousekeeper.biz, or you can click here to jump to our contact form.

The Housekeeper, Inc. also provides other house maintenance services.

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