Pamper yourself

take a bubble bath, light some candles

the housekeeper will take care

of the floor, the tub, the towels


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Are you giving yourself enough attention lately?

the housekeeper will attend to windows, carpets, and yard


Most people try to pack so much into their busy schedules that they end up with no time left for themselves to relax or to enjoy time with friends and family. Taking time out to pamper yourself will boost your general well-being and you will end up feeling younger, healthier and more energized.

After a hard day’s work the only thing you want to do when you get home is... relax. Run yourself a nice hot bath, light some candles, while you pour yourself a glass of wine or a big mug of hot chocolate, whatever works for you.

At The Housekeeper, Inc. we strongly believe an important part of our job is to reclaim for you that time you need for yourself and your loved ones. §

The Housekeeper, Inc. also provides other house maintenance services.

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